Women’s Giving Circle of Harford County


To affect change through collaborative giving by empowering and mentoring women as they develop in community leadership


The mission of the Women’s Giving Circle of Harford County is to engage women of all generations in the power of community philanthropy.

The goals of the Women’s Giving Circle are to:

  • Make a difference in Harford County by contribution of time, talents, and financial resources to women and family needs;
  • Educate and increase awareness of local needs;
  • Provide social opportunities and educational events for members through membership meetings.


Membership is open to individual women who wish to further support the mission and goals of the Giving Circle through financial support in Harford County.

Members shall be defined as individuals who annually support the Giving Circle with a minimum gift of $500 and a $50 administrative fee. ($550 total/$250 total for women under age 35).

Please consider assisting with the credit card processing fees associated with your membership of $2.50.

Pay Your Administration Fee