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Why Your Organization Needs to be on Social Media

By March 14, 2019No Comments

Social media is here to stay!  Unfortunately, most nonprofits are not “doing it” very well.  In today’s age of content media and multiple platforms, nonprofits must step up and be active on social media or get left behind.  Most of us are quite aware that those in their twenties and thirties are very active on social media.  However, did you also know that the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is women between the ages of 45 and 65? 

Key Reasons to be Active on Social Media:

As mentioned above, individuals in their twenties and thirties are very active on various social media venues.  To reach this group, it is obviously necessary to be where they are. The millennial generation is passionate about supporting causes they care about, so it is important to introduce your organization to them.  Further, when they are interested in learning more about an organization, their first instinct is to “check it out” on Facebook.  While this group may not have a lot of disposable income at the moment, they will make small donations and become active volunteers.  They are interested in being engaged. 

Social media can help your organization become better known in your community.  Facebook offers a system whereby people can “follow” or “like” your organization; as a result, when your clients, board members, volunteers and donors connect, others are able to see that connection. This helps you to reach others that you might otherwise not have an opportunity to reach.  

Social media is an affordable form of advertising.  When compared to many traditional forms of advertising, social media is actually very affordable.  For a set amount each month, nonprofits can post advertisements that reach their targeted audience as they define it.  Because the organization identifies who the target audience will be, different ads for various programs or services can reach the ideal audience. 

Social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  By beginning with a social media strategy that outlines your goals and objectives for social media, and beginning with just one or two platforms, even the smallest nonprofit can experience Social Media Success.

One of the most important things you need to do is be consistent. Once you get started, don’t give up. Unless you are consistent, you will not get noticed. And….there is nothing worse than having someone find your page only to discover you haven’t posted for 3 years.

Obviously being active on social media brings with it a need for some additional policies and procedures, we will be uploading one to the Nonprofit Compass in the next few days.

In everything you do, remember, being on social media is not about asking and asking and asking again for money to support the organization. Being on social media is all about being in community with others…having conversations, developing rapport, etc.

Would you like some assistance in getting started?  Give us a call today, we are happy to help.

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