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Now that 2022 is underway, how are things going for you? Are they going just the way you had planned, or have you already hit some roadblocks? The last two years have been challenging for everyone, and in different ways.  Now, with a new year in front of us, we can move forward, stronger and more resilient than ever. Let us know how we can help to fulfill your mission this year!

Also, we have a few copies of our original Daily Walk Devotional still available. If you are interested in receiving a FREE copy, send me an email with your mailing address and I will get it in the mail to you. We will be producing the next volume this year and need to make room.

As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and
my thoughts than your thoughts.                  ~Isaiah 55:9 (NIV)

A first reading of this scripture reminds me of a mother or father telling a child, “because I said so.” How often have we as parents used that phrase to tell our children that our thoughts are different than theirs, that we see and know so many more things than they do? Unfortunately, as a mom, I probably said the phrase more than I would like to admit – usually in frustration, exhaustion, exasperation or a combination of the three.

I imagine that’s how God must feel with each of us as we say, Why, I just don’t understand.  

Perhaps in your work, you are frustrated as you try to get things done and move forward within the organization. You feel certain you are on the path God has led you to…but still, things don’t seem to go quite right.

          Perhaps that major donor falls through.

          Perhaps the grant that was a “sure thing” is not funded.

          Perhaps your community partners are not willing to commit to implementing a program service the way you had envisioned.

          Perhaps you have even wanted to ask the question about everything that has been happening in our world.

There are so many other situations that come up that leave us baffled and wondering “Why.”

What we need to understand is that God is completely different than we are. Who he is and his thoughts are different than those we have. When we remember this, the question of why is completely cancelled out.

In every role in our lives, I believe we often say Why….there are so many things that we don’t understand. But, for many of us, (me included), we think, “if I could just understand, then I could fix it.” However, it may not be for us to understand – the first step is to come to terms with that idea. And, if we can’t understand it, it is not ours to fix!

Know today that God knows about the needs of the organization and you as a leader, but he also sees the big picture and how all of the details fit together and you will never be able to understand what he is thinking.

While we want to understand how God operates, we will never be able to, God has the “full book” while we just have a page or two. I think he might do this so that even though we think we are in control, we really aren’t. And, without control, we must rely on him to get us through.

Keep moving forward, because fortunately, God’s ways are not our ways. He’s looking out for our best interests even when we don’t understand how or why.  

Sweet Blessings My Friends.

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