Weekly Devotion

No Fear

As we wrap up the month of September, many continue to be fearful as we wonder if COVID will ever go away, if the Stock Market is going to crash, if inflation has hit the highest it’s going to hit and as we see so many evils going on all around us. For some, this fear is gripping their hearts and lives. But, as believers in the Jesus Christ, we have no need to fear. Stay strong and trust that God is working everything out for the good. How can we pray for you?


For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.                                      

~Isaiah 41:13 (NIV)

 To fully understand this verse, we need to look at a few verses above it. Here, God is speaking to the Nation of Israel to remind the people that they are the servants of God’s. This role came about as a result of divine selection.  Now, let’s understand the verse in our work in nonprofits and ministries.

First, for you the leader. God wants you to know that he recognizes that your work is difficult and sometimes you become fearful. But you don’t have to walk the path alone, God will take hold of your right hand and support you—he will help you. You may feel there are times when you are being “kicked” from all directions, that you are beaten down. Of course, when we are beaten down, we become fearful.

Fortunately, as a servant of the most high God, he is with you. Even when it seems like you are lowly and that others are being blessed, just know that God is with you. Remember whose you are. The verses before our focus passage talk about Israel belonging to God. Know this today, you belong to God. While a servant is lowly, it is their “owner” that matters, it is their “owner” who gives them clout. And, depending on who the owner is will effect if the servant will be messed with.

The challenges you face as a leader are great, but think for a minute about the challenges and the accompanying fear of those you serve.

  • Perhaps, they don’t know our God.
  • Perhaps they think they are unlovable.
  • Perhaps they think they will always be alone.
  • Perhaps they think their behavior has made God hate them.
  • Perhaps….

Each of us could probably add a hundred more perhaps. In nonprofit and ministry work, those you serve are often broken and fearful, not recognizing that God does care for them regardless of what has gone on in their lives. They need to hear that God loves them and will always walk with them. All they need to do is ask.

Who can you share this message with today?

Who do you know who needs to hear this encouragement?

Know today that you belong to God, he doesn’t want you to fear. Since you belong to him, when you are being messed with, it is God who is being messed with. Right will prevail in the end. Hold tight to his right hand, he will help you.

As you rest in the fact that he is with you, share this fact with others who need to hear it. In this broken world, there are so many that just need to know… God does love them and will take their hand as he tells them, “do not fear.”

Sweet Blessings My Friend.