Weekly Devotion

An Attitude of Humility

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”  ~ James 4:10

This verse is probably one of the most challenging verses in the Bible to our society, and to each of us who are leaders in one capacity or another.

In its original Greek version, humble means low lying or low in spirit. Hmmm, no one in our world today would encourage us to be low in spirit. Instead, we are encouraged to tout our accomplishments for if we don’t, who else will? If we don’t, then someone else might get ahead of us. Or, if we don’t, someone else might get recognized for our work. We all want to be exalted.

But you know what??? None of these things matter when we have a Kingdom Perspective.

If we break down the parts of the verse, we see that “humble yourselves,” is a command. It is not an option! But, how often do we make humility an option…when it is convenient for us or when it will benefit us, we might choose to be humble.

After all, we work so hard in our organizations that when we finally get recognized for our work, we deserve it…right? Although we might never say it, we believe that others should acknowledge our work. Deep inside, we probably even relish in the glory given to us by others when they talk about all the great things that have been done.

As much as we might think we deserve it, we are called to be humble, to be low in spirit, to recognize others as being greater than ourselves.

Look what happens we are humble, James 4:10 says he (Lord) will lift us up.

I don’t know about you but in my mind, being lifted up by the Lord is better than being lifted up by humans any day.

But, know this….when you are humble, the world is going to come against you, perhaps saying things that are untrue about you and unkind to you. This is because your way, God’s way, is different. That’s ok—instead of working for immediate recognition, you’re reward will be eternal.

God is calling us, in the midst of our leadership to quit striving for the world’s way of pursuing respect, attention, accolades, etc. Instead, he calls each of us to trust in him that he will exalt us when the time is just right.

How can you be humble in your leadership today and everyday?

Sweet Blessings to You, My Friend.