Weekly Devotion

Whatever You Say

As February comes to an end, are you still experiencing the grip of winter, or are you noticing the subtle signs of spring? Here in Maryland, our winter has been mild, but often March is brutal. So, we’ll see what happens this year. We’re praying for you!

“I will do whatever you say,” Ruth answered.  

~Ruth 3:5

Do we genuinely say “yes” to God? Often, it might seem like we’re showing obedience, but perhaps it’s because the task is easy, safe, predictable, or aligns with what the crowd would do.

What if God expects us to take risks, to follow His commands? In the verse above, Ruth takes a significant risk, showing no hesitation as she boldly declares, “I will do whatever you say.”

Recalling the story: Ruth’s husband, brother-in-law, and father-in-law had all passed away. Instead of returning to her family, Ruth joined her mother-in-law, Naomi, on a journey to Bethlehem to rebuild their lives. Considering the opportunities available to women today, it’s challenging to grasp the difficulties the two widows faced—no skills, no means of income, and no protection.

Adding to the complexity, Ruth was venturing into unfamiliar territory. Heading to Bethlehem as a “dreaded” Moabite, she must have questioned, “What on earth am I getting myself into?”

Verse one reveals Naomi’s desire to secure rest for Ruth. Isn’t that a universal aspiration? Delving deeper, Naomi sought more than physical rest; she desired a settled life for Ruth. Ruth, however, didn’t hesitate. Her unwavering response was, “I will do whatever you say.” How I wish for that level of obedience and quick affirmation when I sense God directing me.

Too often, I try to rationalize or question God’s guidance. I doubt if “this” is truly the right path, or even boldly suggest that my way is better.

As nonprofit and ministry leaders, we must be willing to do whatever God tells us to do. Without question! Without delay!

Responding promptly and unquestioningly to God’s directives transforms our organizations. Seemingly impossible feats become attainable.

Today, humble yourself. Respond promptly to God’s guidance. Be prepared to utter those six simple words, “I will do whatever you say.”

Sweet Blessings My Friends!

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