Weekly Devotion

Need a Miracle?

And he took the seven loaves and the fishes, and gave thanks, and brake them, and gave to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude.
~Matthew 15:36

In my opinion, this is one of the most amazing miracles in the Bible. It must have been an awesome site to see. So, imagine this little boy who was probably 7 or 8 years old had his lunch packed by his mom that day. As a mom myself, I can see his mom telling him that he needed to take his lunch with him as it would be a long day. And, in his little lunch box, she carefully placed seven loaves of bread (probably what we would think of as rolls) and a few small fish, because she was a mom she might have also included a napkin and maybe a bottle of water.

She was thinking about making sure her son, her only responsibility had enough to eat that day, she certainly wasn’t thinking about all the others who would also be following Jesus.

Though this mom had taken the steps to prepare for her son’s care, the others in the massive group of followers had not done so. An estimated 15,000 (men were the only ones counted, plus women and children) came unprepared with anything to eat. Certainly, the small child who came prepared for mealtime should not be expected to share. And certainly, his small lunch would only be enough for himself and maybe one or two others.

But, he gave up his lunch. We don’t know if it was willingly or sort of hesitantly. I mean honestly, he was probably thinking, “if I give this up and none of the people have anything to eat, I am going to be hungry.” As a mom of two boys, I know if there is anything that boys don’t like, it is to be hungry.

He wasn’t counting on the miracle that Jesus would perform. Jesus took those loaves of bread and the fishes and after giving thanks for them, began to multiply them to feed everyone. Can’t you just imagine the look on the little boy’s face as he watched his lunch feed all those people? And then, after everyone was fed, there were leftovers.

We went from not having any, to having an abundance.

I am sure that within your organization, there are times when you didn’t think you would have enough…money, food, medicine, supplies, staff, etc. Times when you thought you were going to run out. Times when you thought you prepared but came up short. Unfortunately, it becomes all too easy to focus on these times and not see that Jesus is holding out his hand.

He is asking us to give him what we have—but too often we are holding what we do have clenched tight in our fist afraid that we will lose it as well. The first step then is to loosen our fist (give up control), thank God for what we have and where he has brought us. Then, give it all to God so he can take it and multiply it in the way that only he can do.

This is not to say that your organization will never face challenges again; but when you see a miracle happen, it strengthens your faith because you know that God will meet your need and exceed it –perhaps in ways that you weren’t even expecting.

Sweet Blessings My Friends!