Weekly Devotion

You Have Superpowers!

You How is the month of June going for you? Hopefully, you are finding some time to enjoy the summer. Are you making progress toward the goals you have set for the month? Let us know if we can help.

June 8, 2021

Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”  ~Luke 18:27 (NIV)

For many leaders of nonprofits and ministries, it often feels that the tasks before them are impossible. It may feel overwhelming as you strive to serve your target audience, keep a board of directors happy, raise funds and manage relationships with donors….and that’s just your to-do list for one day. You might even think that you need to be Superman (or Woman) to get everything done.

Nonprofit and ministry work is hard work, certainly not for the faint of heart.

As a result, it is easy to get frustrated and discouraged as you feel like you are all alone. And sometimes, yes, speaking from experience here, I know that when life feels impossible, it is easy to fall into a trap of believing that everything falls on your shoulders. It is easy to think that you don’t have time to connect with God or to share your concerns with others…that instead you must plod along, getting everything done.

But, somewhere along the line, you may begin to realize that what you have been trying to do on your own is impossible. Fortunately, what is impossible for us is possible with God. This is a message that runs through the entire Bible, but somehow, we miss it. We have Super Powers with God on our side and working on our behalf.

In Genesis 18:14, the Lord asked Sarah if anything was too hard for him after he promised her that she would be having a son in her old age.

In Job 42:2, Job remembered that nothing was too hard for God.

Jeremiah 32:27 reminds us that nothing is impossible with God.

Mark 10:27 says that God can do anything.

Perhaps, in the midst of our overwhelm, the massive amounts of work that we are trying to get done, we all need to take a minute to remember that what seems impossible to us is not impossible for God.  But, we have to stay connected to him.

When we walk with God throughout the day, we understand that his perspective is what matters and he is able to move the puzzle pieces of our lives in ways that we never could have imagined. In ways that fit perfectly. God equips us with his super powers through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, but we don’t get these powers unless we ask for them, unless we stay connected to the very heart of God.

The Holy Spirit wants to help you live out your life here on earth, that’s what Jesus promised when he was going back to heaven. Let him help you!

Take a deep breath, stop for a minute and connect with God. Give it all to him (its his vision anyway) and let him do the impossible….because you can’t.

Sweet Blessings to You, My Friend.