Walking with God on your path as a nonprofit leader

40 Devotionals connecting you & your nonprofit to the heart of God.

Develop a prayer plan to walk with God each and every day.

The Daily Walk will help you to develop a prayer strategy for your nonprofit.


You are Not Alone.

You followed your calling to become a leader for a small nonprofit but there never seems to be enough of you and you find yourself struggling with:

*Juggling multiple things

*Worrying about how to fund the organization 

*Searching for volunteers

*Feeling lonely

You may be feeling weary 

You may be feeling that you are not enough

You may be feeling that no one understands your daily challenges and frustrations

You need a plan for your path through this pivotal time of year for your nonprofit.

The Daily Walk will help you to know and feel God’s presence each and every day as you gain insights and wisdom into His plan for your organization.

Strengthen Your Nonprofit to Fulfill it’s Mission

“Are you bringing your decisions and dilemmas to God in prayer before or after you have already made up your mind?”

In just 10 minutes a day A Daily Walk will guide you through focused devotional time with God.

A Message from the Author

I recognize that sometimes the work of nonprofits is just lonely… the rest of the world doesn’t understand what you are doing and why you are doing it… you have a vision and passion to serve, but need some support. That’s ok, it’s my passion to serve you. I will walk with you over the next 40 days as you grow a stronger, healthier and more vibrant nonprofit.

You Followed God to Become a Nonprofit Leader

“Excellence doesn’t mean perfection. Instead, excellence is all about doing the best we can, with God’s help in all situations.”

He’s made you part of His mission on earth. We look forward to walking with you on the path to success and service to God with your nonprofit.