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Motivating Volunteers

We know that volunteers are crucial to many organizations and that they help maximize the limited financial resources that many nonprofits and ministries have. Last week, our focus was on the reasons people volunteers – their motivations.  But, once you attract and recruit volunteers, the organization needs a strategy to keep them. Begin by determining…
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How to Get Volunteers

As we wrap up the month of April, I am sure you will agree that the need for volunteers doesn’t go away simply because Volunteer Appreciation Month is ending. Volunteers place a crucial role for nonprofits and ministries, allowing them to stretch and maximize their budgets.  Every organizational leader that I talk with tells me…
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How about a Volunteer or Two?

Every nonprofit and ministry that I talk with tells me that they are in need of more volunteers…either because they are worried about “burn out” among their volunteer pool or because they do not have enough volunteers to fulfill their missions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, volunteerism fell to 24.9% of Americans in…
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