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Why Your Organization Needs to be on Social Media

Social media is here to stay!  Unfortunately, most nonprofits are not “doing it” very well.  In today’s age of content media and multiple platforms, nonprofits must step up and be active on social media or get left behind.  Most of us are quite aware that those in their twenties and thirties are very active on…
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Think and Plan Strategically

Three Steps to Think and Plan Strategically

Perhaps your organization has decided that it needs to develop THE Strategic Plan.  What a great idea, you think, but how in the world do you get started?  While you will want to involve the full board and key staff, the steps listed below provide some things to think about to guide your discussion. Step…
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Are You Looking Ahead?

Too often organizations spend a lot of time, both in staff and board meetings, looking back at what they have accomplished.  While this is important, spending time looking ahead helps organizations build the future that they desire. Planning strategically can provide an opportunity to plan a desired future. Unfortunately, when strategic planning is mentioned to…
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