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The “Meet” of Strategic Planning

Over the past several weeks, we have started looking at a process and understanding of strategic planning and why it is important for nonprofits and ministries. Unfortunately, many board members will either inwardly or outwardly groan at the very mention of strategic planning. And, some will push back at the thought of spending a day…
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Inside Out, Outside In

Once your organization has decided that it needs to undergo a strategic planning process, the next step is to begin looking closely at the organization. Are you trying to figure out whether or not you need to conduct a strategic plan, take a look back at “Why a Strategic Plan” to understand why. It often…
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Why a Strategic Plan?

Sometimes nonprofits and ministries think that they are too small for a strategic plan or “not quite ready.” But, a strategic plan is a nonprofit essential.  I encourage all nonprofits after they have a year or two under their belt to engage in a strategic planning process.  Over the next few weeks, we will take…
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