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What Are You Going to do With A Grant?

The program description provides you with an opportunity to describe your program in detail to the prospective funder. It answers the question, “What are your going to do with the funding if it is received?”  On many scoring rubrics, this section of the proposal is worth about 1/3 of the total available points. Clearly, if…
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Grant Funding Success

Lately, we have been receiving a lot of calls from organizations new to grant funding but very anxious to get started…and of course, for the first check to arrive at their doorstep. The most important thing to know is that grant funding is not a quick fix, so if your organization is in need of…
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Planning for Grant Writing Success

Many organizations realize that grant funds can be a viable source of funding to support their work. However, far too many ministries find themselves struggling for success as they pursue grants.  While some of the challenge may be in the writing process, more often than not, there are also challenges in the preparation process. First…
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