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Why Doesn’t Funding Come Easily?

When a nonprofit is started, the founder and the founding board often think, “the funding will come.” For faith-based organizations, the thought goes a little further, “God will provide.” Once tax exempt status from the IRS is received, the founding board usually discovers that obtaining funding is not going to be so simple. According to…
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Just Get a Grant

Nonprofits and ministries often ask if they can “get a grant for that.” Perhaps a well-meaning board member has suggested grant funding or they are aware that an organization down the street has obtained grant funds; the logical question then becomes, “well, why not us?” Grant funds can be a viable source of funding to…
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What Are You Going to do With A Grant?

The program description provides you with an opportunity to describe your program in detail to the prospective funder. It answers the question, “What are your going to do with the funding if it is received?”  On many scoring rubrics, this section of the proposal is worth about 1/3 of the total available points. Clearly, if…
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