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Why Doesn’t Funding Come Easily?

When a nonprofit is started, the founder and the founding board often think, “the funding will come.” For faith-based organizations, the thought goes a little further, “God will provide.” Once tax exempt status from the IRS is received, the founding board usually discovers that obtaining funding is not going to be so simple. According to…
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Top 5 Things to do NOW to Get Ready for Fall Fundraising

If your organization is like many organizations, the summer is sort of a “lull” time for fundraising.  It is often difficult to schedule meetings with donors and potential donors, staff may be vacationing and summer fundraising events tend to be smaller than those at other times of the year, or non-existent. It might even feel…
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Fundraising Action

Over the past two weeks, we have spent time identifying both organizational strengths and weaknesses in preparation for the development of a fundraising plan. The next step is to identify how much money you need, in other words, where are the gaps between the money that has been committed and the amount needed to provide…
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