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Why Doesn’t Funding Come Easily?

When a nonprofit is started, the founder and the founding board often think, “the funding will come.” For faith-based organizations, the thought goes a little further, “God will provide.” Once tax exempt status from the IRS is received, the founding board usually discovers that obtaining funding is not going to be so simple. According to…
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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Sustainability)

Perhaps the most common need amongst all nonprofits and ministries is the need for funding….funding on an ongoing basis. Far too often organizations spend a lot of time and resources developing funds that support their immediate need. Bottom line…no money, no mission. However, there are opportunities available to nonprofits and ministries to create sustainable revenue.…
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What You Need to Know About Funding

After speaking with four funders from four very different funding agencies, I have some key points that are important for all those seeking funding to know. First, over the past eighteen months or so, there has been a dramatic increase in individual giving. Statistics have always shown that about 80% of all giving to nonprofits…
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