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Board Bad Habits

Have you ever noticed that unless you are really conscious, you tend to pick-up bad habits? For instance, maybe you eat healthy on a regular basis and one day decide to treat yourself to a dish of ice cream. Then, the next day you remember how good that ice cream was and decide to have…
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Board of Directors 101

It is good to have all board members, even those with lots of experience to review board roles and responsibilities occasionally. It is one of those things that, if not kept in the forefront of our minds, we forget…or at least let slip away. Let’s review for a moment why nonprofit organizations have a board…
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Effective Board Members Can be Yours

This is the first post in our Effective Nonprofit Boards series. At one time or another, most nonprofits and ministries express frustration with their board members. The questions range from: how can I get my board members to be involved, how can I get them to stop getting involved in the day to day business…
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