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Want Successful Board Members?

A key to positioning for success….on the job, in a volunteer role, or on a board of directors, is to provide clear expectations of the individual. We have all been in situations at one time or another where we weren’t really sure exactly what was expected of us. I am going to say that more…
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Bringing on New Board Members

Most board members come onto a nonprofit board with a sense of excitement and anticipation. They are anxious to serve the organization and the cause it stands for. But, in all honesty, there is probably a little bit of nervousness since they are walking into a new situation that brings with it some “unknowns.” The…
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What in the World Do Board Members Do?

Nonprofit leaders and some brave board members often ask what are board members supposed to do? In other words, what is their job description?  Board members wear three hats within an organization-a legal hat, an ambassador hat and a volunteer hat.  Their role while wearing each of these hats is very different and often misunderstood. …
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