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Want Successful Board Members?

A key to positioning for success….on the job, in a volunteer role, or on a board of directors, is to provide clear expectations of the individual. We have all been in situations at one time or another where we weren’t really sure exactly what was expected of us. I am going to say that more…
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How is the Board Performing?

One of the best practices in nonprofit board governance is having the board complete a board assessment on a regular basis. Generally, a board assessment should be conducted at least every two years. For many nonprofits and ministries, this is a new concept-in the past, many organizations never assessed the functioning of the board, but…
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Board Bad Habits

Have you ever noticed that unless you are really conscious, you tend to pick-up bad habits? For instance, maybe you eat healthy on a regular basis and one day decide to treat yourself to a dish of ice cream. Then, the next day you remember how good that ice cream was and decide to have…
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