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What stories is your organization telling?

By December 12, 2013August 17th, 2022No Comments

What stories is your organization tellingIt has been said that stories are the universal language.  We all love stories…from the time we were young children, we learned stories to learn lessons, values and more.  They were effective because we related, and we remembered them.  In today’s age of relationships, stories remain as important and as relevant as ever.

Nonprofit stories provide a window to the inside of the organization…to its soul and its character.  The compilation of stories over time by staff, clients, and volunteers become organizational lore and serve to form the organization and inform the general public.  Through stories, we are able to learn about an organization at a much deeper level…what makes us laugh?  What hurts us?  What matters to us?  How do we serve?  These stories, then, are able to connect others to us as they relate to our feelings and emotions.

All too often, we don’t take the time to write down the stories of the organization, how it was formed, why, etc.  Take the time, write the history down.  And, keep writing….success stories, stories of challenge and stories that share where you are going.  Share the stories with staff and with board members, and if appropriate, with clients.

Sharing stories is invaluable as your organization seeks to connect on social media venues, through its fundraising efforts and public relations.  Remember, everyone loves a good story!

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