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Does your organization have a social media presence?

Is your organization doing social media well?

Social Media plays an important role in the communication by today’s nonprofits.

According to research:

• 55% of people who engage with causes on social media will take further action.

• 68% of those who take action, donate money

• 53% of those who take action, get involved by volunteering

• 43% of those who take action, attend an event or function sponsored/held by the organization

These are people nonprofits cannot afford to NOT reach.

Unfortunately, most nonprofits are not doing a good job with social media.

We have discovered that nonprofits often fall into one or more of the following categories:

We are committed to helping grow and strengthen nonprofits.

Social media is here to stay- Its time to embrace what it can do for your organization.

This FREE online training will provide you with key takeaways that can be implemented right away.

*Bonus! All attendees will be given our Social Media Checklist!

Participants in this FREE training will receive:

• Online Training

• Workbook for Your Key Takeaways

• Your Questions Answered

• *Bonus*
Social Media for Nonprofits Checklist


Social Media Engagement is key to connecting with people interested in your work.

Social Media is often the first place people look to learn more about your organization.

Social Media provides a platform for your audience to learn about your successes.

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Don’t let another year go by without creating a presence on social media.