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BoardFlics  training courses are fun, fact-filled sessions designed to teach nonprofit board of directors in just a few short minutes.

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GrantStation helps members find new grant opportunities and build a solid grant strategy.

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Looking for a grant research database as well as a project management tool? Instrumentl provides both in an easy to use format.

Helpful Links

Founded in 1979, ECFA enhances trust in Christ-centered churches and ministries by establishing and applying Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship™ to accredited organizations.

To receive ECFA accreditation, Christ-centered ministries and nonprofit organizations must faithfully demonstrate compliance with established standards for financial accountability, transparency, fundraising, and board governance.

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The IRS provides tax information, tools, and resources for nonprofits and other tax-exempt organizations. The site offers educational resources, various publications, forms and instructions, live and virtual training sessions, as well as information specific to churches & religious organizations.

Click here to learn more. is the online portal to apply for federal grant funding. The portal also provides a Grants learning center and tutorials on subjects such as registering and applying for federal grants.

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TechSoup provides the latest technology resources specifically for nonprofits and ministries at a significant discount. Check out the complete product catalog on their website.

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