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Resources for Nonprofits

By June 25, 2015August 17th, 2022No Comments

Resources_horizAs we approach the end of the fiscal year for many nonprofits, I thought it might be helpful to share some resources to help you do your job and fulfill your mission better and more effectively. In a couple of months, we will have these up on our website where they can be permanently accessed.

Simple Charity Registration – Thirty-eight states plus the District of Columbia require charitable organizations that solicit or intend to solicit in their state to register with either their State Attorney General or Secretary of State’s office. Simple Charity Registration offers organizations an opportunity to register in their state (and any others where they solicit funds) in a low cost manner using an electronic platform that will save all of their information and transfer info into all of the states where they need to submit registrations. Check it out at Simple Charity Registration.

Tech Soup – In today’s world, most nonprofits use technology for a variety of tasks. Tech Soup provides nonprofits with an opportunity to get discounted software and hardware for just an administrative fee. Typically, the fee charged by Tech Soup is a small fraction of the actual cost of the software. Most of the companies that provide products to Tech Soup allow organizations to purchase their products once a year. And, just recently, Tech Soup began offering their products to the faith community. Check them out at Tech Soup.

ECFA – ECFA stands for the Evangelical Council on Financial Accountability. As an accrediting agency, ECFA provides a “seal of approval” on Christian organizations that adhere to best practices related to financial management. ECFA offers a wealth of knowledge and information on their website. Through a special relationship with the organization, we are able to offer access to the silver level resources absolutely FREE. To access, register at their site with the promotional code FBNONPROF.

You Give Goods – Does your organization participate in drives, or could it benefit from receiving donated products (from soap to socks to paper products)? Through this unique company, nonprofits, churches, etc can describe what they need and create opportunities to receive it through their supporters. Using this FREE site, you can even set up corporate drives for those companies and businesses that want to support your organization. Email us to obtain additional information about how to get started.

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