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NonprofitTrendsI was recently reading a publication that supports the work of nonprofits and came across an article about trends for nonprofits in the year 2015. As you might imagine, the article covered everything from donor relations to board development to marketing and branding. The article also mentioned the importance of partnerships with consultants.

To summarize, the article reports that there is a growing trend amongst nonprofits to use consultants to outsource work. In times past, all work needed to be done in-house. However, today because of technology, work can be done anywhere at any time. More and more nonprofits are finding that they can use on-demand services in much the same way as for-profit businesses.

So, what does this mean for your small to medium sized nonprofit?

  • First, it means you can compete with “the big guys.” You can look like you have a staff of 20 at your fingertips to get everything done.
  • Outsourcing your administrative tasks, grant writing, branding, etc. can help you grow your organization. You can focus on fulfilling the mission while the other “stuff” is being taken care of.
  • Your organization can save money by partnering with experts on a contractual basis.
  • Your organization can be active on social media venues that are relevant for your organization, its volunteers and its donors.

The Faith Based Nonprofit Resource Center is now accepting clients for its Support Services Program. We can develop an array of services to meet your specific needs. Or, if you are not sure how to define your needs, we can work with you to identify key areas where we can help you. It is our goal to strengthen and equip your organization to fulfill its mission… we want you to do the best possible job in the work you do.

We view our work with organizations as partnerships… literally, we become part of your team and we are vested in your success. How can we help you today??

FBNRC_SupportServicesLogo_R1Register this week for support services and receive one month of service free!

Call (443) 406-7520 or email to discuss the needs of your organization and how we can help you.

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