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How Community Makes You a Better Nonprofit Leader

By March 23, 2017No Comments
community and development benefit you and your team

You would be hard pressed to find two professions that are quite as demanding as nonprofit work and serving in a ministry or church.  Many people find themselves burnt out, feeling alone, and even worse, unappreciated by the communities that they are pouring their hearts into.

How Community Makes You a Better Nonprofit Leader

If you look around at business you will see that they structure their businesses to include continual training, for camaraderie as well as ongoing certification.  It may seem that your team is constantly involved in meetings and events, but you might realize that they are generally the ones carrying the load of responsibility as opposed to being ministered to themselves.

For this reason, making sure that you and your ministry team have regular opportunities for professional development and community with others in the nonprofit and ministry field is critical to your organization’s overall health.

Here are 3 ways that community and development benefit you and your team:

  1. Allows you to stay abreast of emerging trends in the field, new research and new ways of thinking. As our world is changing faster than ever, it can be difficult to stay current without a concerted effort to do so.
  2. Enables you to connect with others who are doing similar work—what are they doing differently than you? What is working for them that you haven’t tried? Are there opportunities to collaborate or partner with them?
  3. Helps you to develop new skills that are essential to your daily work.[bctt tweet=”A strong community and continued development can benefit you and your team. #nonprofit #ministry ” username=”Grantconsultant”]

An Opportunity for Community

Faith Based Nonprofit Resource Center holds an annual conference that provides a perfect opportunity to offer development opportunities to your team.  Our one day conference will be held May 3, 2017 in Newark, Delaware this year.

This year’s focus is on remaining mission true and integrating the organization’s mission into everything you do — evaluation, finances and outreach efforts. We are fortunate to have international speaker and author, Peter Greer, deliver the keynote address. Peter is the author of Mission Drift, where he writes that 95% of all faith-based organizations are struggling with remaining mission true.

We would love to see you at the 4th Annual Nonprofit Conference in May, where our focus is to serve you and your ministry team, leaving you refreshed and excited about the work you are called to do. Register here by April 3rd, 2017 to get early bird pricing!  Additionally, all early registrants will receive a copy of Mission Drift by Peter Greer.

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