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The Importance of High Performing Boards

By August 29, 2013August 17th, 2022No Comments

HighPerformingBoardsThe Faith Based Nonprofit Resource Center’s purpose is to help your nonprofit organization maximize its impact with the people it serves. One way we do that is by showing you different ways you can learn, improve, and sometimes even drop things from your busy schedule. Today’s topic is to share the importance of high performing boards and in our next post we will share the essential skills for nonprofit leaders. It is our prayer that this information will serve you well and continue to help you grow and develop in achieving your mission.

The importance of high performing boards for any nonprofit is essential to the nonprofit’s success.  According to IRS laws, the board of directors is legally responsible for the organization.  Unfortunately, all too often boards are not aware of their responsibilities and how to fulfill their roles without micro-managing.  This of course ends up causing friction between the two forms of leadership. We want you to avoid this frustrating micro-managing. We can help you develop thriving boards where you are able to work together on your common goals without overstepping healthy boundaries within your organization. Boards that are effective and high performing:

  • Have a positive, interdependent relationship between the board and the chief executive
  • Help to shape the organization’s mission and vision for the future
  • Exhibit strategic thinking and strategic planning
  • Ensure transparency within the organization
  • Connect organizational vision to a financial plan or budget
  • Ensuring there are adequate funds to fulfill the mission of the board.

Of course boards, like people, aren’t perfect. Most boards struggle in one or more of these areas, but in many instances, this is because they are not aware of these specific roles and responsibilities.  Our goal is to help you know what you need to know when you need to know it so you don’t encounter unnecessary challenges and struggles on the way to your success!

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As much as you may want to say once your board is in order, you’ll sore to new heights, we can’t stop there. Next time, we will look in the mirror and humble ourselves to be open to changing some things we are doing that aren’t serving us or our organization to the best degree. Don’t be scared. It will be worth it!

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