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Growing a Strong Organization

StrongOrganization_horizEveryone that I speak with wants to have a strong nonprofit. No one ever tells me that they set out to have an organization that struggles. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to identify specific qualities that make a strong organization. Below are three areas to look at to help your organization thrive and fulfill its mission.

Legal – Is the organization in compliance with all legal requirements? This includes ensuring payroll taxes are paid, the 990 is filed along with any state and local filing and that board minutes document decisions made.

Governance – Does the board of directors govern the organization according to its bylaws? Is there a boar orientation process in place? Is there regular training for board members?

Public & Community Relations Committee – Does the organization have procedures and policies in place to communicate with its stakeholders and the general public? This should include a plan to communicate and connect via social media venues, a strategy to handle any negative publicity and the organization’s website it up to date.

Next week, we will continue to look at what it takes to grow a strong organization. Can we help you? Contact us and let us know how we can serve your organization.

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