Targeted Grant Research

We understand that choosing the right funding source can be overwhelming! There are many different sources including federal, state and local governments, corporations and foundations. We endeavor to  match the goals and missions of your organization to the needs and interests of funding sources. This means that your research report will include only those funding sources that are most likely interested in funding your project or organization.

Grant Development

Grant development is the comprehensive process of grant writing, program development, grant submission and follow-up. We work with each organization to develop a plan of action tailored to meet your specific needs. This plan of action may be based on applying to one funding source, or to multiple funding sources. Then grant proposals will be crafted to meet the criteria established by the funding source. Once the grant is submitted, we work with the organization to complete any required follow-up activities associated with the submission of the grant.

Grant Reporting

Many organizations discover – too late – that getting the grant is not the end. Many grant funders require grant reporting that can impact your ability to obtain future funding. We will design an effective strategy for data collection and grant administration. Our comprehensive grant reporting services ensure all grant reports are written and submitted to the funding source on time.