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Grant Writing: How to Write a Project Description

By July 25, 2013August 17th, 2022No Comments

Grant Writing-How-to-Write-a-Project-DescriptionThe Faith Based Nonprofit Resource Center gets many requests for help with grant writing. Many want to know “what is grant writing?” and “how it can it help with our organization’s mission?” We are here to help with all of your questions from the most basic to the more complicated. Our goal is to help you succeed and one of the key ways to do that is to become proficient in grant writing. This enables you to receive the funding you need for the projects you are dreaming of doing and beyond. Consider us your partner in helping you becoming an expert in obtaining the funding you need through grant writing. We are here to help!

There are many ways grant writing can help your organization. We are proud to say we have helped organizations obtain funding for:

  • Operating expenses
  • Program services
  • Capital Campaigns
  • Buildings/Renovations
  • Technology
  • Equipment
  • Matching Funds
  • Seed Money

And we can help you too. Once you understand the impact grant writing can have on your nonprofit, you will get excited about the possibilities it opens up for your organization and your overall mission. It takes some work but is well worth the effort you put in and we are here to assist every step of the way.

Today’s topic is:

Grant Writing – How to Write a Project Description

The project description is the meat of the proposal.  The amount of information included in the project description will depend on how long the proposal is, the size of the project for which you are seeking funding and how much money you are requesting.  This is where you have an opportunity to communicate what you are going to do with the funds. You will usually want to include the following information:

  • Purpose of grant
  • A timeline for implementation
  • Express need for grant funding
  • Who will the project serve and how many?
  • Put into words how the requested funding will have an impact.
  • How long will the requested funds last? (1 year, 6 months, etc.)
  • What results do you anticipate achieving?

It is important to be optimistic while also being realistic.  Never promise more than you can actually offer.  You want to transfer the enthusiasm you have for the project so they want to be a part of what you are doing. If you can get them to see why you are so passionate about the mission and that you have thought it through from a business perspective, you are well on your way to obtaining the funding you need.

The Faith-Based Nonprofit Resource Center seeks to provide powerful, cost effective strategies for the nonprofit organizations we serve. Please call us at (443) 406-7520 or email us at to let us partner with you and create solutions to your unique needs.


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