Engage Your Board with One Simple Tool

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “how can I get my board involved.” This is usually followed-up by, “I can’t get my board members to attend board meetings.”

Know you are not alone!

While getting the board involved can be challenging, there are simple tweaks that you can make to engage your board and get them excited about attending board meetings.

Selecting the “right” board members is key.

But, just as important is how board meetings are led- The Meeting Agenda!!!

With the right agenda, board members can get fully on board.

With the right agenda, board members will know what has been going on within the organization.

With the right agenda, board members can get EXCITED about working for the future of the organization and those the organization serves.

That’s why we have created an agenda template that you can modify and use for your next board meeting. Get the Agenda Template by clicking below, then check your email!

Download Here!