Nonprofit organizations have long been recognized as a solution to community issues and challenges. Today, our understanding of world issues have led to a rapid growth in the number of nonprofits recognized by the IRS with 501(c)(3) status. Unfortunately, many of those organizations struggle to fulfill their missions and become solid entities.

Through this on-line webinar, you will learn how to start a strong, effective nonprofit that can fulfill its mission and meet needs you are passionate about solving.

Participants will receive:

          • A 90 minute educational webinar led by a nonprofit expert.

          • Questions and practical answers to get you moving forward.

          • Useful handouts to guide your efforts.

Bonus for Individuals registering by May 31, 2015:         

         • A downloadable resource template for key policies needed to incorporate as a nonprofit.

         • A downloadable template for your first nonprofit board meeting.

         • A 50% savings on our next webinar.


Registration fee $79.00