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Do You Want Success?

Success as a nonprofit leader can be challenging. You are pulled in several different directions, perhaps receiving input from your board of directors, your staff, your clients, donors, and maybe others. Nonprofit leaders have a lot of people who all think they know exactly what you need to do. Unfortunately, while they may have their opinions, they probably do not understand the world of nonprofits and the balancing act leaders play between each of these stakeholders.

In the for-profit business world, the modern-day solution is to hire a business coach. I was recently told by a coach that they receive between $3-$500 per hour for their services. WOW! That is simply not feasible for most nonprofits. But, at the same time, I do believe that most nonprofit leaders (whether they are new to the field or have been around a while) can benefit from the services of a coach.

You may have heard the term “coach” thrown around a lot and not even be sure what a coach is or what he/she does. According to some studies, coaching is the process of receiving customized support from an individual with recognized expertise and experience who can be objective.

In simple terms, a nonprofit coach is someone who understands the world of nonprofits, funding, and all the other pieces that go into a successful nonprofit who can guide and direct a nonprofit leader to grow the organization as well as themselves toward success. Would you like to have access to someone like this? Obviously, we all would.

It just has to be affordable, right?

We have developed the Nonprofit Compass for just this very reason—to help grow successful organizations with knowledgeable, empowered leaders without breaking the bank!

The Nonprofit Compass…

  • Blends faith with recognized Nonprofit Best Practices
  • Provides tools, templates and resources you need (Save time and effort)
  • Grows effective nonprofit and ministry leaders
  • Stays on top of trends and practices in the nonprofit world (So we can share them with you)
  • Offers free trainings to members
  • Answers questions and gives insight via email and voxer
  • Continually changes to serve our members

Bottom line….the Nonprofit Compass is a key to success! And it is affordable!

We would love to have you join us. Whether you are in the middle of your fiscal year or getting ready to start a new one, NOW is the right time! Get all the details here.

Join now and receive a 30 minute consultation to discuss your biggest need. Leave with answers to your most pressing questions. (We will send you an email to get a call scheduled).

Let us help you be successful!

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