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Onboarding Board Members

Most board members come onto a nonprofit board with a sense of excitement and anticipation. They are anxious to serve the organization and the cause it stands for. But, in all honesty, there is probably a little bit of nervousness since they are walking into a new situation that brings with it some “unknowns.” An…
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Digging for Dollars

Nonprofit organizations and ministries frequently discuss the need for additional revenue at their board meetings. Inevitably, the discussion then turns to getting “wealthy” people on the board so that they can give to the organization. The conversation often goes something like this…. “if we had so and so on our board, then our financial worries…
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Which Hat Are You Wearing?

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is about the roles and responsibilities of board members. The next question that usually follows is why do I even have to have board members? We are going to provide a very simple and basic overview of the roles and responsibilities of board members using…
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