Category: Nonprofit Leadership

Relationship with the Board of Directors

Managing the Board of Directors

According to the IRS and organizational By-laws, the Board of Directors is legally responsible for the organization.  But, once staff is hired, there are always questions about the role of the Chief Executive Officer (sometimes called the Executive Director) and his/her relationship with the Board of Directors. Ultimately, the goal is to have a positive…
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Best Practices

Does Your Organization Need Best Practices?

Quite often, you will hear conversations about nonprofits and ministries and “best practices.” You may even wonder, “do we have best practices,” “are we using best practices?” An overview of best practices will help you to understand exactly what best practices are and where they come from. Begin by knowing there is not a single…
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Think and Plan Strategically

Three Steps to Think and Plan Strategically

Perhaps your organization has decided that it needs to develop THE Strategic Plan.  What a great idea, you think, but how in the world do you get started?  While you will want to involve the full board and key staff, the steps listed below provide some things to think about to guide your discussion. Step…
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