Category: Nonprofit Leadership

Fundraising Action

Over the past two weeks, we have spent time identifying both organizational strengths and weaknesses in preparation for the development of a fundraising plan. The next step is to identify how much money you need, in other words, where are the gaps between the money that has been committed and the amount needed to provide…
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Face Your Weaknesses

As we work to develop a fundraising plan, we need to look at both our strengths or assets and our weaknesses. Last week, we focused on our strengths. You can read here about the asset identification process.  While we might like to push our challenges aside, in the fundraising world, we need to be honest…
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Steering the Ship

Last week, we covered some basic roles and responsibilities of board members. Since the primary role (as defined by the IRS) of a nonprofit board of directors is governance, this week, we shall focus on that role. The very word governance is derived from a Greek word that means, “to steer.” Think for a minute…
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