Category: Nonprofit Boards

To Give or Not To Give

In most cases, nonprofit board members devote a lot of time and energy to the nonprofit boards on which they serve. So is this service enough? Do they need to contribute financially as well? In one word, YES! When working with nonprofits and ministries, I encourage board members to look at all of their resources.…
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Board Bad Habits

Have you ever noticed that unless you are really conscious, you tend to pick-up bad habits? For instance, maybe you eat healthy on a regular basis and one day decide to treat yourself to a dish of ice cream. Then, the next day you remember how good that ice cream was and decide to have…
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What’s Next?

Over the past few weeks, we have focused on recruiting board members to serve on your nonprofit or ministry board of directors. But, you might be wondering, “now that I have board members, what do I do with them?” One of the first steps is to provide a Board Orientation. I have heard from several…
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