Category: Grant Funding

Grants-Free Money?

There is often some misunderstanding about grant funding. I sometimes hear organizations think that grant funds can be used for whatever is needed within the organization. Or, some well-meaning board member will say, “well we have grant money in the bank, let’s just use that.” All organizations need to understand that grant funds are not…
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Wrap Up Your Year End Fundraising

At this point, your head may be spinning as you try to manage the organization and its programs and services, your staff who all seem to need a million things from you and generating funds to continue the programs and services that are pulling you in all directions. Take some time right now to focus…
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Writing A Fundraising Letter

If you are planning to send an annual appeal out this quarter, you are probably knee-deep in writing. As you probably know, this quarter is the best time of year to send them, many organizations bring in as much as 50% of their annual revenue during the months of October, November and December. It makes…
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