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What stories is your organization telling?

It has been said that stories are the universal language.  We all love stories…from the time we were young children, we learned stories to learn lessons, values and more.  They were effective because we related, and we remembered them.  In today’s age of relationships, stories remain as important and as relevant as ever. Nonprofit stories…
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Board Roles and Responsibilities Part 3

For the past two weeks I have been writing about the three roles of a nonprofit board of directors.  A nonprofit board of directors has three roles:  Setting organizational direction, Ensuring the organization has the necessary resources to do its work, and Providing oversight.  To learn more about setting organizational direction, and ensuring resources are…
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Give the Gift that Keeps On Giving All Year Long

Nonprofits are constantly investing their time and energy into us so why not invest back into them this holiday season.  Purchase a one year membership through our special Cyber Monday Sale price of $100. This gift will give them access to the coaching and the resources they need to help them throughout 2014. It includes…
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