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The Essential Skills for Nonprofit Leaders

Many nonprofit leaders fall into their careers quite by accident.  Current research says that more than 70% of nonprofit employees are not prepared for leadership positions and that 54% of all nonprofit leaders are not properly prepared for leadership positions.  Does that make you feel a little better about not having it all together? Remember,…
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The Importance of High Performing Boards

The Faith Based Nonprofit Resource Center’s purpose is to help your nonprofit organization maximize its impact with the people it serves. One way we do that is by showing you different ways you can learn, improve, and sometimes even drop things from your busy schedule. Today’s topic is to share the importance of high performing…
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Funding for Faith-Based Nonprofits Should Look Different from Other Nonprofits

Funding for faith-based nonprofits should look different from other nonprofits. The “faith-based” affiliation changes how we look at what we do and should look different to those looking in as well. Yes, we need funding just like all the others but the way we go about getting it should reflect our faith and the beliefs…
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