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Writing your Program Description

This month we are focusing on grant writing skills that will increase the likelihood of funding success!  Thus far, our topics have included “Being Grant Ready,” and “Funding your Mission.”  This week I am going to provide you with tips and strategies to write a successful program description. The program description provides you with an…
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Funding your Mission

The mission statement of a nonprofit provides the organization with direction and guidance about why the organization exists, who it serves, etc.  In other words, the mission statement expresses the purpose of the organization.  All activities, programs and services in which the nonprofit engages can be measured against the mission statement.  Using the mission statement…
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Grant Readiness Tips

We receive phone calls and emails on an almost daily basis asking about grant writing services.  Unfortunately, all too often, after a brief phone conversation, I have to tell the individual that their organization is not “grant-ready.” To be grant ready, an organization needs to have its nonprofit status from the IRS or, at the…
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