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Multiple Personalities???

What is the purpose of the nonprofit’s mission statement?  You are correct if you immediately thought that the mission statement is the reason the nonprofit exists.  In other words, the mission statement is the statement of purpose for the organization and sets your organization apart. All too often, I see nonprofits struggling with their mission…
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Everyone Communicates

For nonprofits, communication is essential.  Most nonprofits have a number of different stakeholders with whom they must communicate on a regular basis.  To be effective, all communications must connect with the audience.  It is the job of the communicator to ensure that connection with the audience is happening. Unless your organization is able to connect…
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Churches…Nonprofit Status???

I often get asked whether or not churches (both established and church plants) need to file with the State and the IRS to become a nonprofit organization. The short answer is no.  Churches, by definition, are already nonprofit organizations. However, many churches find that it is still in their best interest to apply to the…
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