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Top 5 Things to do NOW to Get Ready for Fall Fundraising

If your organization is like many organizations, the summer is sort of a “lull” time for fundraising.  It is often difficult to schedule meetings with donors and potential donors, staff may be vacationing and summer fundraising events tend to be smaller than those at other times of the year, or non-existent. It might even feel…
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Do You Want Success?

Success as a nonprofit leader can be challenging. You are pulled in several different directions, perhaps receiving input from your board of directors, your staff, your clients, donors, and maybe others. Nonprofit leaders have a lot of people who all think they know exactly what you need to do. Unfortunately, while they may have their…
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Four Foundation Funding Myths

Many nonprofits seek foundation funding to support the mission of their organization. However, many grant seekers frequently become discouraged and frustrated—often because they have bought into one of the common myths about foundation funding. Myth 1 – Funders are clear about what they want to fund. Truth: Because funders have the money, they are always…
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