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Inside Out, Outside In

Once your organization has decided that it needs to undergo a strategic planning process, the next step is to begin looking closely at the organization. Are you trying to figure out whether or not you need to conduct a strategic plan, take a look back at “Why a Strategic Plan” to understand why. It often…
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Why a Strategic Plan?

Sometimes nonprofits and ministries think that they are too small for a strategic plan or “not quite ready.” But, a strategic plan is a nonprofit essential.  I encourage all nonprofits after they have a year or two under their belt to engage in a strategic planning process.  Over the next few weeks, we will take…
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How to Get Volunteers

As we wrap up the month of April, I am sure you will agree that the need for volunteers doesn’t go away simply because Volunteer Appreciation Month is ending. Volunteers place a crucial role for nonprofits and ministries, allowing them to stretch and maximize their budgets.  Every organizational leader that I talk with tells me…
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