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Building a Board Agenda

Nonprofit leaders often express frustration with how their board meetings operate.  Board meetings are a necessity but they don’t have to be boring, dry and uninspiring.  Instead, board meetings can be an effective strategy to engage board members and inspire them to become active members of the board. The flow and activities of board meetings…
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Thanks, Gracias, Merci!

Once you have received the gift that you were seeking, you may think that your work is done. However, the most important part of you work has not even happened yet.  Now, you need to say thank you. Many donors tell me that they just can’t believe that they gave a gift to XYZ organization…
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Do Policies Protect?

For the next several weeks, we are going to focus on various aspects of board responsibilities and ethical behavior within nonprofit organizations and ministries. Let’s talk about policies to position the organization for success. In other words, in a position where its actions and behaviors will stand up to anyone’s scrutiny.   Starting with the…
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