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No One Cares

I often tell people that no one cares about their organizations. Ouch, those words sound really harsh. I don’t mean them to be, but in the minds of your donors and the general public, no one really cares about whether or not your organization exists. What they do care about is the work of the…
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Do We Need an Advisory Board?

Organizations often ask about starting an advisory board—usually because it sounds like a good idea because they often don’t have a clue about what an advisory board will do and what it won’t do. After looking at what an advisory board can do for your organization, you can make an educated decision about whether or…
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Why Doesn’t Funding Come Easily?

When a nonprofit is started, the founder and the founding board often think, “the funding will come.” For faith-based organizations, the thought goes a little further, “God will provide.” Once tax exempt status from the IRS is received, the founding board usually discovers that obtaining funding is not going to be so simple. According to…
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