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What in the World Do Board Members Do?

Nonprofit leaders and some brave board members often ask what are board members supposed to do? In other words, what is their job description?  Board members wear three hats within an organization-a legal hat, an ambassador hat and a volunteer hat.  Their role while wearing each of these hats is very different and often misunderstood. …
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How is Your Organization Functioning?

How does your organization really function?  No, I mean really…in every aspect:  Financial, legal, human resources, governance, etc.  As we get busy with the daily work of the nonprofit, too often we forget to look beyond the obvious to ensure that the organization is functioning optimally. An organizational assessment can help you learn about the…
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How to Build a Community on Social Media

Social Media is key to any thriving nonprofit or ministry. The various platforms open the lines of communication between your organization and millions of people you would never have been able to reach before. The goal of Social Media for your organization should be to build relationships. So let’s talk about how you grow your…
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