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Can 2017 Be Your Best Year Ever?

By December 8, 2016No Comments

bestyeareverIf you are like most people, you are probably starting to think about 2017 and what you want to accomplish in the next year. And, if you are like most people, you are probably starting to think about the things that you wanted to accomplish in 2016 but did not. Sometimes, goal setting can be overwhelming and, if you have not been successful in the past, feel somewhat futile. Let me share with you a process that I used this year to change everything!

Last year, about this time, I joined Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever. This was a stretch purchase for me, not because of the money, but because in my mind, I knew all about goal setting. After all, I spend my life helping nonprofits and ministries set goals, move forward and get where they want to go. But, to be honest, there were some things that I wanted to accomplish that I thought I might be able to accomplish through the program. So, I invested the funds and I joined.

Quickly, I realized that the program would help me get where I wanted to go. In addition to looking at my professional goals, I looked at goals in every area of my life. And…really, isn’t all areas of your life intertwined? I also used the program to set some family/relationship goals.

Like most couples, my husband and I would talk about the things that we wanted to accomplish each year, but we didn’t always connect them to a clear path forward and we often didn’t agree on the priorities. Using the Best Year Ever, we sat down together and mapped out our goals and direction for 2016. It made such a huge difference to be going in the same direction.

I am participating in the program again this year. And, I am expanding my involvement! This year, I want to use the course to provide nonprofits and ministries with a platform to move their organizations forward. (Of course you can use it with your spouse as well). The best thing is that the course will be helpful wherever your organization is—start-up, growing or thriving. So, everyone who purchases the program using this link will be included in a monthly mastermind with me.

The purpose of the mastermind is to provide accountability and a safe environment to get help when you need it. The group will push each other to accomplish goals during 2017, but it will be a judgment free zone. This mastermind is my gift to you!!! Purchase the program and participate in the group at no extra cost. You will have access to my knowledge of nonprofits and ministries and the various resources that I can connect you to.

In everything I do, it is my goal to help your organization THRIVE.

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