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Books for Nonprofit Leaders

By December 21, 2017No Comments

I am often asked about books that I recommend for nonprofit leaders. Specifically, the request is always, “what can I read to make the organization stronger and more effective.” As we end this year, I thought I would share with you a few books that I have found to be particularly helpful in understanding the world of nonprofits.

One of my all-time favorite books for grant writing reference is Grant Writing for Dummies by Bev Browning. As the title implies, the book breaks down the process and makes it simple to understand. I keep a copy near my desk for reference.

For general fundraising, Fundraising for the Genius by Linda Lysakowski is practical and a must-have on your bookshelf.

Struggling with your board of directors, or just not sure how to handle various situations that arise? The Nonprofit Board Answer Book by Board Source is the perfect resource.

Finally, my absolute favorite book for nonprofit and ministry leaders is Mission Drift by Peter Greer. According to Greer, 95% of all faith-based organizational leaders are struggling with mission drift. The challenge is bigger than staying focused on mission, it also impacts the way you raise funds to support the organization and staying true to the vision God is calling you to. For faith based organizations, there is a pull by the world to pull the organization away from its faith. Nonprofit leaders need to resist this pull at all costs.


I am always reading and would love to hear about the books that you are reading to support the growth and development of your organization.


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