Four Things to Consider Before Applying For a Government Grant Opportunity

I often get questions about whether or not an organization should apply for a government grant opportunity or submit a proposal to a foundation.  There are four main things to consider before applying for a government grant opportunity.  Taking the time up front to determine whether or not your organization should apply for funding and…
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Grant Writing: Frequently Asked Questions Part II

  Last week, I began answering some Frequently Asked Questions about grant writing that I believe will be helpful to you. This week I’m back to share more with Grant Writing: Frequently Asked Questions Part 2.  Please take a look back at those questions if you missed part 1 of this topic. FAQ:  What is…
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Grant Writing: Frequently Asked Questions Part I

As more and more organizations seek grant funds to support their work, I receive questions about “the world of grants.”  To clarify misunderstandings and misconceptions, today, we will focus on some frequently asked questions regarding grant writing. I’m sure if one person has asked me, many people can benefit from learning it as well. We’ll…
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