Churches…Nonprofit Status???

I often get asked whether or not churches (both established and church plants) need to file with the State and the IRS to become a nonprofit organization. The short answer is no.  Churches, by definition, are already nonprofit organizations. However, many churches find that it is still in their best interest to apply to the…
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Board Member Hats

Board members wear three hats within an organization-a legal hat, an ambassador hat and a volunteer hat.  Their role while wearing each of these hats is very different and often misunderstood. Legal Hat – When wearing the legal hat, the board member needs to know that this is the role assigned to each individual board…
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What is your need?

This month we have been focusing on grant writing skills that will increase the likelihood of funding success!  Thus far, our topics have included “Being Grant Ready,”  “Funding your Mission,” “Writing your Program Description,” and “Establishing Program Goals.”  This week, we will wrap up our focus with a discussion of the Needs Statement. The Needs…
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