Is Your Organization Ready for Grant Funds?

We receive phone calls and emails on an almost daily basis asking about grant writing services.  Unfortunately, all too often, after a brief phone conversation, I have to tell the individual that their organization is not “grant-ready.” To be grant ready, an organization needs to have its nonprofit status from the IRS or, at the…
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To Give or Not To Give

In most cases, nonprofit board members devote a lot of time and energy to the nonprofit boards on which they serve. So is this service enough? Do they need to contribute financially as well? In one word, YES! When working with nonprofits and ministries, I encourage board members to look at all of their resources.…
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The Board’s Agenda

Nonprofit leaders often express frustration with how their board meetings operate.  Board meetings are a necessity but they don’t have to be boring, dry and uninspiring.  Instead, board meetings can be an effective strategy to engage board members and inspire them to become active members of the board. The flow and activities of board meetings…
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