It’s a Match

One of the most asked questions from nonprofit and ministry leaders is “how can I find the right funders for my organization?”  Understanding the ins and outs of funding opportunities is essential to finding the right funder for the work of the organization. Before working to identify funders, it is often helpful to begin by…
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Finish 2018 Strong

For many nonprofits and ministries, the months between October and December are crucial to their financial health. For some organizations as much as 50% of their annual revenue may come in during these months. And, estimates indicate as much as 80% of that 50%  comes in the last week of December – the one between…
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Can We Get a Grant for That?

Nonprofits and ministries often ask if they can “get a grant for that.” Perhaps a well-meaning board member has suggested grant funding or they are aware that an organization down the street has obtained grant funds; the logical question then becomes, “well, why not us?” Grant funds can be a viable source of funding to…
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