Do You Need a Dashboard?

Displaying organizational successes in a dashboard format can help organizations communicate clearly about goals and opportunities. For many nonprofits, the term dashboard may be a foreign term. Think of the dashboard in your car. It provides you with a lot of information about how your car is operating, how much gas it has, its temperature…
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Check Your Attitude

Nonprofits and ministries have a mission statement, and some have vision statements and identified organizational values. In today’s world, the message that is being sent to the world by Christian organizations is coming through our actions, our inactions and our attitudes much louder than in our print or electronic materials. Good, bad or indifferent, as…
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5 Questions to Ask About Funding

When a nonprofit is started, the founder and the founding board often think, “the funding will come.” For faith-based organizations, the thought goes a little further, “God will provide.” Once tax exempt status from the IRS is received, the founding board usually discovers that obtaining funding is not so simple. According to the National Center…
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