Author: Debbie DiVirgilio

Four Foundation Funding Myths

Many nonprofits seek foundation funding to support the mission of their organization. However, many grant seekers frequently become discouraged and frustrated—often because they have bought into one of the common myths about foundation funding. Myth 1 – Funders are clear about what they want to fund. Because funders have the money, they are always in…
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Who Will Fund Our Work?

I often receive questions about “finding funders,” in other words, the person is really asking how to find funders that are a good fit for the work their organization is doing. Before working to identify funders, it is often helpful to begin by asking the question, “What do we need funds for?” Far too often,…
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Planning for Grant Writing Success

Many organizations realize that grant funds can be a viable source of funding to support their work. However, far too many ministries find themselves struggling for success as they pursue grants.  While some of the challenge may be in the writing process, more often than not, there are also challenges in the preparation process. First…
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