Author: Debbie DiVirgilio

How to Get Volunteers

As we wrap up the month of April, I am sure you will agree that the need for volunteers doesn’t go away simply because Volunteer Appreciation Month is ending. Volunteers place a crucial role for nonprofits and ministries, allowing them to stretch and maximize their budgets.  Every organizational leader that I talk with tells me…
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Recognize Volunteers without Breaking the Bank

Many organizations use volunteers to help them maximize their resources and fulfill their missions. April is Volunteer Appreciation Budget. Recognizing volunteers does not have to be costly. Instead, some of the most meaningful forms of recognition cost very little.  The most cost effective ways to recognize volunteers are informal.  These strategies are usually on-going and…
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Finding that ONE Donor

I get lots of questions/comments from nonprofits and ministries that are seeking that one donor….that one donor who can and will write a check with several zeroes. Or, that donor who will give substantially every month. While it would certainly be nice to have one donor who routinely gives the organization a large gift that…
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