We exist to equip and strengthen the faith-based nonprofit community.

The Faith Based Nonprofit Resource Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was created to specifically meet the needs of faith-based organizations.


  • We understand nonprofits and ministries.
  • We understand organizational best practices.
  • We understand faith.
  • We are able to equip nonprofit and ministry leaders to serve and lead strong, vibrant organizations.

Do you want to…

Build Financial Stability?


Grow Programs and Services you Offer?


Develop an Effective Board That Knows Their Role?

Communicate Effectively with Stakeholders?


While it is important that organizations use best practices in their work and in their development, it is also important for organizations to be built on a firm, strong foundation. It is our goal to help you build that foundation. It is our belief that a strong foundation comes when leaders and organizations are built on faith in Jesus Christ. For that reason, everything we do centers around building organizations and leaders who represent Christ well. Together, we build the kingdom of heaven.

The Faith Based Nonprofit Resource Center

Operates with integrity and provides high quality, individualized services to meet your specific needs;
  • measuring your success,
  • raising money,
  • communicating with stakeholders,
  • strengthening programs and services,
  • developing the leader within you.