Are you feeling overwhelmed with a million things to do?

Does your to-do list keep growing no matter how hard you work?

Does it seem like no one understands your work?

Is their well-intended advice impossible to implement?

Whether you are an:

  • Executive Director

  • Board Member

  • Development Director

  • Program Manager

  • Chief Volunteer & Bottle Washer

  • Any other Leader

There is definitely more work to do than hours in the day!

Whether your organization is fledgling and struggling to get up and running, adding new programs/services or been serving for a long time….you have a vision for the work of the organization.

But are you wondering how to make it happen?

Thankfully, we have the answer!

We can help you grow your organization into a thriving nonprofit!

The Nonprofit Leader


is uniquely designed to equip you with the

knowledge, personal support, and resources 

to become a stronger, more effective leader of a thriving & sustainable nonprofit organization.

You will learn vital steps to bolster key areas in your organization:

*Organizational Growth

*Strategic Organizational Direction

*Organizational Board of Directors


*Organizational Communications

Why is The Coaching Circle a good investment for you & your organization?

This program is designed to help YOU grow the organization in key areas.

Session One


  • You will learn to share your vision with stakeholders (funders, community agencies, clients, etc).
  • You will gain an enhanced understanding of your role as the organization moves forward.
  • You will know how to implement key steps NOW to grow your nonprofit.

Session Two


  • You will learn to think strategically about the future work of the organization.
  • You will learn to develop a strategic plan that motivates the board of directors, staff, and volunteers.
  • You will know how to translate the strategies into an operational or tactical plan of action to get things done!

Session Three


  • You will learn to identify, recruit, train, and keep the “right” board members.
  • You will learn to facilitate board meetings that inspire the board of directors to take action.
  • You will know how to develop committees to support the work of your board of directors (and reduce YOUR work load).

Session Four


  • You will learn to write a fundraising plan that meets your financial needs.
  • You will draft a Case for Support that ignites giving from current and potential donors.
  • You will know how to inspire others with a compelling story about your organization’s mission.

Session Five


  • You will learn which communication tools you should be focusing your time and energy on.
  • You will learn to to build a competent staff (paid and/or unpaid).
  • You will know how to focus your energy for additional growth during 2023!

The Nonprofit Leader Coaching Circle is available for a one-time investment of just $797!

We want YOU to succeed!

We know that for many, a monthly payment option will help make the “Circle” a reality.

Join now for just $147 per month for six months.


Meet Our Founder & Trainer

I am Debbie DiVirgilio and for the last 20 years I have been helping nonprofits of all sizes and all stages of growth to become stronger and more effective.

I know how hard it is to be a nonprofit leader. In addition to hands on experience, I am a Certified Grant and Nonprofit Accounting Professional, with a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management. I am also a Certified Governance Trainer and a Licensed Standards for Excellence Consultant. I am passionate about the nonprofit industry and have dedicated my entire career building my skills and expertise to assist organizations in fulfilling their missions.