Need Board Members?

One of the questions that I am frequently asked by nonprofit leaders is how to recruit new board members and then immediately following that question is, “how do I get them involved?” All nonprofits are required to have a board of directors. According to the IRS, the board of directors, as a unit are legally […]

Using the Budget to Tell Your Story

Over the past few weeks, we have covered all of the major components of a grant proposal. Note, that these are the major components – some funders have other requirements and may want additional information. Today, we wrap up our series by talking about the BUDGET. The budget is probably one of the most under-utilized […]

Demonstrating You are Making a Difference

We have been working through the grant writing process over the past several weeks; today we continue with a discussion of evaluation….or, making a difference. Evaluation seeks to answer the “so what” question. However, many nonprofits and ministries struggle with evaluation and yours may also.  Evaluation simply stated tells stakeholders including funders, the community and […]

Demonstrating You are Making a Difference