Top 5 Mistakes Nonprofits Are Making

Everyone makes mistakes, right? Right! In my work with nonprofits, I see five common mistakes that can negatively impact your work in the community, the impression that funders and donors have of the organization and even how clients and stakeholders feel about the organization. Start 2016 off with an effort to correct your mistakes. As […]

Money, Mission or Both?

Many organizations struggle to determine if they should start a new program, expand a program that currently exists or even eliminate a program that has been around “forever.” The struggle for many nonprofits and ministries is that there is a lot of passion on the board, on staff and in the volunteer pool, so lots […]

Funding…What You Need to Know.

I recently had an opportunity to have a conversation with four funders from four very different funding sources. Here is what I learned. First, over the past eighteen months or so, there has been a dramatic increase in individual giving. Statistics have always shown that about 80% of all giving to nonprofits and ministries comes […]