Want to know how the Faith Based Non Profit Resource Center can help you? We exist to help you each and every step of the way as you make your mission become reality. Let us partner with you to help you move forward faster than you would on your own and to help you avoid common pitfalls & mistakes along the way.

Benefits of working the Faith Based Non Profit Resource Center:

  • Debbie DiVirgilio has more than 20 years of expertise working within the nonprofit sector.
  • An expert, outside voice is often able to see needs, strengths or challenges of an organization more clearly.
  • The Faith Based Non Profit Resource Center goes above and beyond when working with our clients. We believe in partnering with them to achieve their purpose and fulfill their missions.
  • Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each organization.


The Faith Based Nonprofit Resource Center is the solution to all your nonprofit needs. We have worked hard to anticipate your needs whether you are just starting out or you’ve been at it for a while. We assist all nonprofits at any stage in their life cycle to reach their full potential. We know that at every stage, there are unique needs and questions that arise. We are here as you go from one stage to another and also happy to re-visit the fundamentals to be sure those are serving you well.

We serve Christian organizations, ministries, nonprofit and community based organizations, schools and government agencies world- wide.  Specifically, we will partner with you  to identify the needs of your organization as we work together  to build organizational capacity, strengthen the organization and its leadership,  and obtain funding you need to fulfill your mission.

Please see the list of services we provide as well as their description below. If you have a need that isn’t addressed below, contact us and we are happy to help you find a solution for your unique need.





The Faith Based Nonprofit Resource Center recognizes that nonprofits are formed out of a passion for a cause or a vision for the future.  We will work with you to develop a mission statement and formalize your vision. The clearer you are about your mission, the easier it will be to stay on track as well as inspire others to join your efforts! We will work with you to start your nonprofit, write its governing documents, and establish its incorporation. Then we will work with you to file with the IRS to achieve official Nonprofit 501 c-3 status.

Non Profit Formation Individualized Services

  • Vision Refinement
  • Mission Development
  • Articles of incorporation and Organizational Bylaws
  • “An Introduction to Nonprofit Board Services” for board members
  • State and Federal Filings
  • Growth assessment





As nonprofits grow and become established in their community, they can continue to benefit from the services of a consultant.  The Faith Based Nonprofit Resource Center seeks to strengthen organizations by

  • Building strong effective boards
  • Mentoring and coaching nonprofit leaders
  • Identifying specific areas of organizational growth and development

Services Available

  • Board training
  • Board Assessments
  • Leadership Mastermind Groups
  • Strategic Planning
  • Board/Leadership Retreat





The Faith Based Nonprofit Resource Center knows that most nonprofits rely on grant funding to implement services and programs to their target audience. Obtaining grant funding is a critical component to reaching the dreams and goals of your organization but we also know the process can be overwhelming! We use a customized approach to develop grant funding strategy for your organization that will get you the results you want without experiencing unnecessary frustration in the process.

  • Grant Research: Using our research tools, we identify potential foundations, corporations and public funding opportunities that align with the geographic location and mission of your organization. The report details a timeline for planning proposal submissions.
  • Grant Writing: We will work with your organization to write and submit grant proposals that meet the specific interests and requirements of the funder. Grant writing can be outsourced to the Faith Based Nonprofit resource center on a monthly basis or on an as need basis. Fees for grant writing services are on a project or hourly basis. We do not accept contingency or percentage based payments in accordance with the ethics statement of the Grant Professionals Association.
  •  Grant Writing Courses: The Faith Based Nonprofit Resource Center will work with individuals and organizations desiring to learn the skill of grant writing. Using a curriculum designed by Debbie DiVirglio using best practices in the profession, participants will cultivate their grant writing skills using a hands on approach. A resource notebook will be provided to all participants. Grant writing courses can be customized to meet the specific needs or organizations or groups.
  •  Grant Writing Mentoring/Internships are available: Individuals will receive one on one guidance, instruction and support from Debbie DiVirglio as they learn to write grant proposals and get funded.

For more information on how we can help you and your non-profit, feel free to email us at: debbie@non-profitconsultant.com








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